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getting better at managing money

火曜日, 10月 30th, 2018

Australians are taking out fewer personal loans and suffering fewer bankruptcies, new data has revealed.

There were $5.9 billion of personal finance commitments in August, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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That was the same as the previous quarter but a 4.2 per cent decline on the previous year.

There has been an even sharper decline in insolvencies, according to the Australian Financial Security Authority.

There were 7,400 insolvencies in the September quarter – 9.5 per cent less than the previous quarter and 9.7 per cent less than the September 2017 quarter.

Those 7,400 insolvencies included:

3,946 bankruptcies – down 10.3 per cent in quarterly terms and 6.8 per cent in annual terms
3,417 part IX debt agreements – down 8.2 per cent in quarterly terms and 6.8 per cent in annual terms
37 part X personal insolvency details – down 32.7 per cent in quarterly terms and 49.3 per cent in annual terms
Meanwhile, personal loan interest rates have barely changed during the past year, according to an analysis of all the personal loans listed on RateCity.

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The average interest rate for all those loans, at the end of September, was 12.01 per cent, compared to 12.09 per cent the quarter before and 11.84 per cent the year before.

The average application fee at the end of September was $177.40 – down 0.6 per cent on the previous quarter but up 5.0 per cent on the previous year.

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personal loans are easily available

水曜日, 10月 24th, 2018

It all began with a harmless SMS. Software engineer, 29-year old Ujjwal was looking for some money to repay a friend. For his photography trip to Malaysia, he had to borrow Rs 50,000 because he decided to visit neighbouring Vietnam as well. He was wary of using his credit card overseas, so asked his colleague to wire the money. Two months later, it was time to pay back his colleague.

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The SMS from the bank offered a great deal, and the best part of it was that this loan would not be added to his credit card limit. Ujjwal took the bait and signed up for a Rs 1 lakh loan for three years.

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Situation slips

As months went by, Ujjwal was approached by other banks. It is always nice to hear about your high credit score. The sweet talk makes even a discerning borrower feel great. Ujjwal was elated, and he felt the need to oblige everybody. New credit cards, new digital platforms offerings loans and even few of friends working in non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) offered him great loan deals.

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Top credit card companies gave him three more cards. From Rs 2 lakh, his credit limit became Rs 15 lakh across four cards. Always paying off minimum dues for each of his cards, Ujjwal’s credit card debt soared. A personal loan was offered to him to slash interest costs of credit cards. The personal loan salesperson asked him to take a bigger amount in case he faced an emergency. Once he managed to reduce the Rs 26,000 credit card Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) to Rs 18,000 EMI on personal loan, Ujjwal started rolling over the personal loan too. Every time he took a new loan, the personal loan provider asked him to take more than outstanding.

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In the wind, listen to a tree blossom

金曜日, 10月 12th, 2018

Close your eyes quietly to listen, listen, grass in the wind layer upon layer of growth; Listen, flowers in the rain beautiful and gorgeous bloom, listen to a poetic season, listen to a feast of flowers.

A dandelion, once interpreted the United States; Sakura catkins, also in the interpretation of the past drunk. Because the edge of the fleeting years too beautiful, only because of the deep memory, there is a dream can not wake up. Only that January, that distant place, remember, enough to love tears. Because the past time is too beautiful.

If, the tide of the years drowned each other’s traces, even if the search can not find a message. Then, please read the poetry I wrote for you, slowly read, those soaked in the blood, nourishing in the soul of the feelings, has been deeply engraved in the text, if you carefully read, perhaps, you will find that the deep and blurred past, always entangled your memory.

There are always some years worth cherishing, near or far, long or short; There are always some memories that will become the theme of life, deep or shallow, thick or weak. Once, “time is not old, we do not scatter” agreement, but has been lost time.

perhaps, in the heart of everyone, there is a complex that cannot be put down, each missing behind, contain a warm story. With the flow of time, slowly faded many, that was once familiar face, gradually become fuzzy, only the memory left, still in the wind warbler stay.

There is a kind of encounter, full of warmth and surprise. Also like, the butterfly meets the flower; The haze met the sun. And I, only for encounter a wind, banishment lonely and thin cold, in the rhythm of a spring return, will long-lost mood release. Life, more like a colorful scenery, read endless love stories, read immortalized, romantic feelings are always unforgettable.

Time will surely fall on the dust, time will fade away. Just, there is still too much obsession in life, by years of wind and frost, slowly grinding into the past. Life, to stand loneliness, endure loneliness, forget the past. Learn to tolerate, learn to put down, is plain in show grace and easy.

Originally, with the spring encounter, the heart can be so light. If only time were still and sweet, and birds and flowers. With a zen, a quiet, a quiet, a leisurely planting in the heart. perhaps, all met, is predestined relationship in the past life, only in this life fireworks, deduct into our story.

pick up a period of time and relax your mood. An edge, from the deep love; Love begins with love. Find each other’s shadow in an old song; In a glass of tea Yun Yin out of a good mood, meet the wind, listening to a tree, is the time to give the most real life touched.


expected to be announced next month

火曜日, 10月 9th, 2018

At the 3Gpp busan meeting, all working groups developing 5G wireless technology will gather at the meeting to finalize the standard technology related to 5G RAN commercialization.

About 1,500 standard experts from chipsets, handset and device providers, mobile operators and others will attend the conference to complete the first phase of 5G. These include 5G wireless access technology that provides ultra-high speed data and ultra-low latency and a method of consistency testing for 5G terminals. To put it simply, after the busan conference, independent networking standards in the first phase of 5G are coming out soon.

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A number of Chinese companies, including huawei, OppO, VIVO and other manufacturers of communication equipment and mobile phones, also attended the meeting to discuss and submit proposals. Yang chaobin, president of huawei’s 5G product line, said the meeting was planned to complete the standard technology related to 5G independent networking (SA), which will be officially announced at the us plenary session next month after the review and approval, and huawei has prepared the proposal. After the standard is determined, the equipment enterprise has the standard based equipment to be commercial.

previously, 3Gpp determined 5G standardization in two stages: the first stage started R15 as 5G standard, which was completed in June 2018; The second phase launched R16 as a 5G standard, which was completed in December 2019. The first phase of 5G will be finalized at the 3Gpp conference in the United States next month.

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Millimeter-wave solutions to 5G problems

It is an inevitable trend to plan millimeter wave around the world. At present, in frequency band below 6GHz, we see the frequency band around 3GHz getting attention all over the world. Many countries around the world are dividing or planning to divide MMW frequency bands above 24GHz. In July 2016, the us divided up the millimeter wave spectrum of up to 11GHz into 5G frequency bands. Other regions including Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Canada are also dividing the millimeter wave spectrum for 5G. In some cases, a portion of the millimeter wave spectrum may be classified as Shared or unlicensed spectrum – rather than authorized spectrum, which may be necessary in certain cases.

“” there is no doubt that the millimeter wave spectrum is critical for 5G both in China and globally. The millimeter wave band provides extreme bandwidth, so it is critical to meet the need for better and faster enhanced mobile broadband, while providing significant differentiation for 5G compared to the gigabit LTE service currently available in China and the rest of the world.” Xu thinks so.

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This importance is evident in the comparative data in a series of tests. In this regard, qualcomm conducted a series of 5G real network simulation experiments. In the experiment in San Francisco, the 5G network simulation experiment was carried out. The current LTE base station was supplemented by millimeter wave capacity, which achieved five times of network capacity gain. Meanwhile, when 4G reached 100% coverage, the millimeter wave added to the existing 4G base station could achieve 65% coverage of 5G network. In another group of experiments in Frankfurt, 4G was converted to 5G on the spectrum below 6GHz. In terms of download rate, the average of 4G users was increased from 56Mbps to over 490Mbps of 5G users, achieving 8.8 times of gain. In terms of the data of cell edge burst, the gain could be up to 9.2 times.

Thanks to the results of the trial, qualcomm has now developed and demonstrated a trial platform that utilizes both frequency ranges of below 6GHz and millimeter wave, and launched a new 5G empty port modem capable of running under 6GHz and millimeter wave frequency.

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For the challenge of millimeter wave, xu also said: “using millimeter wave frequency band transmission is more likely to cause path is blocked and signal attenuation, thus, millimeter wave signal transmission efficiency and robustness is one of our research and development focus, in addition, for how to make the millimeter wave technology to better adapt to the size and power consumption of the terminal is qualcomm technology research direction.” (Nashville)