In the wind, listen to a tree blossom

Close your eyes quietly to listen, listen, grass in the wind layer upon layer of growth; Listen, flowers in the rain beautiful and gorgeous bloom, listen to a poetic season, listen to a feast of flowers.

A dandelion, once interpreted the United States; Sakura catkins, also in the interpretation of the past drunk. Because the edge of the fleeting years too beautiful, only because of the deep memory, there is a dream can not wake up. Only that January, that distant place, remember, enough to love tears. Because the past time is too beautiful.

If, the tide of the years drowned each other’s traces, even if the search can not find a message. Then, please read the poetry I wrote for you, slowly read, those soaked in the blood, nourishing in the soul of the feelings, has been deeply engraved in the text, if you carefully read, perhaps, you will find that the deep and blurred past, always entangled your memory.

There are always some years worth cherishing, near or far, long or short; There are always some memories that will become the theme of life, deep or shallow, thick or weak. Once, “time is not old, we do not scatter” agreement, but has been lost time.

perhaps, in the heart of everyone, there is a complex that cannot be put down, each missing behind, contain a warm story. With the flow of time, slowly faded many, that was once familiar face, gradually become fuzzy, only the memory left, still in the wind warbler stay.

There is a kind of encounter, full of warmth and surprise. Also like, the butterfly meets the flower; The haze met the sun. And I, only for encounter a wind, banishment lonely and thin cold, in the rhythm of a spring return, will long-lost mood release. Life, more like a colorful scenery, read endless love stories, read immortalized, romantic feelings are always unforgettable.

Time will surely fall on the dust, time will fade away. Just, there is still too much obsession in life, by years of wind and frost, slowly grinding into the past. Life, to stand loneliness, endure loneliness, forget the past. Learn to tolerate, learn to put down, is plain in show grace and easy.

Originally, with the spring encounter, the heart can be so light. If only time were still and sweet, and birds and flowers. With a zen, a quiet, a quiet, a leisurely planting in the heart. perhaps, all met, is predestined relationship in the past life, only in this life fireworks, deduct into our story.

pick up a period of time and relax your mood. An edge, from the deep love; Love begins with love. Find each other’s shadow in an old song; In a glass of tea Yun Yin out of a good mood, meet the wind, listening to a tree, is the time to give the most real life touched.


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