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木曜日, 5月 17th, 2018

Color belongs to a kind of emotional language, which will bring people different perception and reaction. Of course, the application of color in architecture and indoor environment will also produce different degree of reaction. In commercial interior design, emphasizing the colour collocation, designers fully aware what colour affect the display of goods and quality, the main advantage of each color to bring people’s visual feeling, also want to know the colour collocation of the space texture, and then create a different indoor environment and indoor environment, is the key to improve the quality of people’s life. Based on this, this paper discusses how to make use of spatial characteristics in zhengzhou xitang wedding theme business to realize unique charm of space with the help of color.

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Key words: color matching; Interior design; role

The famous painter Vincent van gogh once said, “there are no bad colors, only bad combinations.” In construction of interior design, colour is decorated the main skills, its aim is to make people live within the space of more comfortable and harmonious, among them, the color of the role is great. Color exists in every corner of our life, especially in the commercial interior design, which will have a great impact on the environmental color and quality of the commodity itself. Under this condition, zhengzhou, xi wedding theme commercial design for aware the specific role of interior design of colour collocation, make good use of colour collocation of the visual impact, and then create more emotional appeal, at the same time meet the commodity value, and thus improve the quality of commercial interior design at the same time.

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1. The role of color in commercial interior design

Interior design color application, can fundamentally adjust the whole space feeling, also can achieve commercial commodity information and increase the commercial atmosphere effect, such as wedding theme at the beginning of the business we are in the design of large area of color to give priority to color, light color fastens to match local red the ornament, the purpose is to need to pass the first is the functional sex of the space or thematic, because it is a wedding theme commercial, so the combination of red and festive atmosphere, if it is a children’s theme commercial, so the color that chooses in the beginning of design because for guest group is children, so the color can be gorgeous or relatively high contrast color as far as possible, It feels bright and active. Achieve the direct color transfer function characteristic. Its main is to use other people’s psychological and physiological effect on color perception and, request color under the condition of functions to meet customers demand, but also individual personality pursuit and the core of emotional expression vector. Based on this situation, only by improving the effect of interior color design can the emotional conflicts between people and buildings be effectively alleviated.

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