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Legislation to promote green packaging

月曜日, 9月 17th, 2018

Statistics show that the express delivery business volume of guangdong province in 2017 was 10.135 billion pieces, ranking the first in China for many years. According to the measurement of 0.2kg of each express package, 2027,000 tons of packaging waste are generated in a year. It is estimated that the province consumed 10.135 billion pieces of express waybills, 1.53 billion pieces of sealing cases, 4.08 billion plastic bags, 1.53 billion woven bags, 4.89 billion boxes, 8.37 billion meters of adhesive tape, and 1.47 billion pieces of internal stuffing last year.

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Last year, the environmental science research institute of guangdong province conducted a survey on the green packaging of express delivery industry in the whole province. It showed that there are four major problems in express delivery: excessive packaging, low reuse rate of packaging materials, environmental impact of packaging materials production, and potential safety risks of some plastic packaging. Officials at the provincial environmental science academy said that because of the high level of violent sorting in the express delivery industry, many e-commerce businesses have resorted to secondary packaging to protect their goods, resulting in a large amount of packaging waste. In the packing process, use cartons that are substantially larger than the product size, or blindly use cartons that are too thick. A large amount of “invalid” filler is added to the box.

Therefore, the academy of environmental sciences proposed that in the development of express package green technology, the reduction of packaging should be advocated. Optimize transportation process to avoid packaging damage during transportation. Establish a new recycling system pilot, to achieve packaging recycling; Innovative packaging materials and research and development of degradable materials.

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Li hui, deputy director of the provincial environmental protection department, revealed at the symposium that guangdong will vigorously promote green packaging in the future. First, improve the system. It is suggested that the provincial postal administration should take the lead to speed up the formulation and improvement of local regulations and government regulations on the basis of existing national laws and strengthen industrial constraints. Second, industry standards and technical rules should be established. Led by the provincial department of environmental protection and jointly with the provincial commission of economy and information technology, the provincial bureau of quality supervision and administration and the provincial department of commerce, the department is responsible for the formulation of green packaging standards, while fully soliciting the opinions of industry associations and express e-business enterprises to speed up the establishment of standards and rules. In addition, relevant reward and punishment policies should be formulated. Led by the provincial commission of economy and information technology, the provincial department of commerce and the provincial postal administration shall cooperate and formulate relevant policies with clear rewards and punishments.


commercial Banks face challenges

金曜日, 9月 7th, 2018

(I) homogenization competition is more and more intense. On the one hand, products and services are homogeneous. Traditional businesses such as inter-bank deposit and loan management and exchange, etc., are too similar, and new products are not differentiated enough to attract customers, thus causing problems such as “price war” and “repeated marketing” for key customers. On the other hand, profit model homogenization. The income pattern of the banking industry is basically the same, mainly driven by the deposit and loan interest rate. Under the background of interest rate liberalization and financial disintermediation, the net interest margin of China’s Banks narrowed from 2.7% in 2011 to 2.01% in 2017, making it difficult to maintain the extensive “horse race”.

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(ii) intensified Internet financial impact. In terms of deposits, money funds channel bank deposits. In 2017, the scale of yu ‘ebao exceeded the sum of personal deposits of China merchants bank, and commercial bank deposits increased by 1.36 trillion yuan year-on-year. In terms of loans, online financing accelerates the de-intermediation. Take p2p online lending for example, the volume of online lending industry in China reached 2.8 trillion yuan in 2017, up 35.9 percent year-on-year. In terms of payments, the traditional settlement market has suffered. Third-party payment has become the basic entrance for residents to participate in economic activities, and the market share of bank payment and settlement has been eroded. In 2017, alipay daily active users reached 158 million, 3.4 times more than the top 10 bank App active users combined.

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(iii) the internal operation efficiency is not high. From the perspective of system application, due to the fragmentation of each department system, the product operation is relatively independent, leading to resource waste, complex operation and poor customer experience. From the perspective of data support, the data structure of the existing banking system cannot adapt to the rapid response of information fragmentation to scenario requirements. From the perspective of business operation, some of the middle and back-end business is still manual operation, and intelligent batch processing has not been realized yet, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

The risk control system needs to be reformed urgently. With the change of internal and external risk environment, Banks are faced with more complicated risks, such as credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk. However, traditional bank risk management mainly relies on artificial decision-making, and there are defects in the implementation of the “three checks on loan” system, failing to truly control the risk points. Bank non-performing loan balances have doubled over the past three years, with the non-performing loan ratio rising to 1.74 per cent from 1.25 per cent, according to the bank’s China insurance regulatory commission.

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(v) the innovation mechanism needs to be optimized. Business managers of commercial Banks are subject to a deep constraint of “seeking stability and not seeking change”, have a weak initiative awareness of innovation, and have insufficient cultivation of innovative culture and inter-disciplinary innovative talents, resulting in defects in innovation ability and research and development efficiency. For example, the innovation systematic planning is not enough, and the decision-making process is too complicated. The availability, friendliness and compatibility of product and service innovations are not satisfactory and cannot keep up with market changes and customer demands.

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